Friends, every time I seem to pick up my phone or look at my computer, it looks like the world is going the wrong way, but when I put down my phone to play with my kids, go for a walk in the neighbourhood or spend time with friends, I'm reminded of how wonderful and mysterious life really is. That's why I founded Daily JOMO: to help make space for more of these moments. #JOMO is the Joy of Missing Out. Do you want more joy and less stress?  Do you want to build better online habits and reconnect to the joy beyond the screen? 

Then Daily JOMO is for you.

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Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you'll get:  A short-and-sweet JOMO Quest: Think awesome thing to do that’ll only take a few minutes and make your whole self sing.  JOMO Know: A fun fact you simply won’t believe you lived without knowing.  JOMO Quote: Wisdom from walking bundles of embodied joy (aka, smartypants folks who know how to live in the now.)


Founded by Christina Crook, Author of The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World, as seen in

Founded by Christina Crook, Author of The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World, as seen in


What People are Saying :


"I am loving Daily JOMO!"

"It's my favourite message. I look forward to it all day." 

"I did the JOMO Quest and talked to my dear friend who now lives in Atlanta. We discovered how parallel some things in our lives are at the moment. And she can listen to me and I can listen to her while we talk over each other but it works and neither of us tries to solve the others problems... we just kvetch. (I'm not Jewish. It's just such a perfect word). Anyway. Lovely long and therapeutic talk. ❤"

"I might not always be able to do the quests but I'm always thinking about them."



WELCOME, friend.

Wow. What a year. Over the last 12 months, we've been staring at our screens reading stories about the deaths of iconic performers like Leonard Cohen and Carrie Fischer. We've watched the terror of Aleppo, the injustices at Standing Rock and the shocking rise of Trump.  We close up our news feeds only to open our inboxes filled with urgent messages from our bosses, spam from people we forgot we signed up for, and inappropriately worded messages from people trying to sell us Viagra. We swap over to Instagram hoping the pretty pictures will lighten things up and restore some semblance of order. 

But they don't.

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives,” writes Annie Dillard. The average person touches their smartphone between 2-5,000 times a day. This is, of course, how we're spending our lives. But who is this for? Is it time well spent? And is it bringing us more joy?

JOMO is The Joy of Missing Out, the opposite of FOMO (the fear of missing out): that all-too-present fear that if we step away from the Internet too long we'll be left out of the loop, miss something, be forgotten. JOMO is about the joy we find in being present to the people and experiences right in front of us. It's about refining meaning and redefining success. It's about kicking burnout, regrets and stresses to the curb. It's about distilling our values so we can thrive online.

Daily JOMO is about intentionality, health, mindfulness and play. Sheer good fun. It's also about carrying good burdens, like our commitments to the people we love and to meaningful work. Less regrets, more joy. 

Daily JOMO delivers you prompts, interviews and resources to help you flourish in a wired world.

It's about what it means to be fully alive. I hope you like it. 


- Christina